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Why not!? (Post em Inglês)

So you find that one thing you love doing no matter what... You don't get paid, you don't get fame, you don't get nothing but work. Still, you're always ready to gear up and make it happen. You're so connected to this that you're always thinking of ways to take it up a notch or two for its own sake.


This feeling is called pleasure and there's no good reason for you to hold your horses. Just go with it!

Thing is, people are always so busy thinking of the diplomas they're supposed to get, the tasks they're supposed to accomplish, the places they're requested to be; and this sheer pleasure simply disappears. People start feeling overtired, discouraged, stressed...

There are some many ways to cover this topic. One I like quite well is Sarah Knight's "Life-changing magic of not giving a fuck." Ever heard of it? Well... the link is down here. Don't hesitate, just click and, well... change your life.

And, that's also the reason for this article to be written... Why not!? Why not write a bunch of words here and share my thoughts with you? Why not share this article with everyone you care for? Why not start changing our lives today? Why not now!?

I truly believe we can live better lives. We can have time to binge-watch some of our favorite series without compromising that report you gotta finish. Have some ice cream with you friends before having to go to college. Enjoy some nothingness together with the ones you love. Be alone, just hanging on your hammock or lying on the sofa. WHY NOT!?

I have friends who love taking photos even though they're business administrators... and, you know what!? THEY DO TAKE PHOTOS EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have friends who love eating and talking about food and sharing their experiences about it. And, don't be surprised when I tell you: THEY DO GO TO DIFFERENT RESTAURANTS AND SHARE THEIR OPINIONS EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I also have a few friends who simply can't live without traveling, and... you know where I'm going next, right!? THEY DO TRAVEL TO DIFFERENT PLACES EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

It's all possible because they believed it was, because they worked towards making this true, because they felt the pleasure and the love of their activities and made them FLOW!

So, you might've spent some 5 minutes reading this. Just about the same time of most episodes of our FlowCast on Fridays... and, I have now a final question for you:

Why don't you challenge yourself to change your life TODAY? Why not?

Find time to do the things you love. Those that bring you pleasure. Don't know what brings you this pleasure yet? Find time to explore different activities until you feel consumed by the joy of doing it.

Find the time.

Find the pleasure.

Find the Flow.


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